Amzallag is a chimaera soldier under Thiago's command.


Amzallag has been resurrected many times and has many different bodies. When Days of Blood & Starlight starts, Karou is about to resurrect him in a new body that he maintains until his death. He has stag and tiger parts with a human torso and wings. He is much bigger than usual and his skin has a grayish tint because iron filings with the teeth add size and heft to the Revenant.


Amzallag has fearsome physical features, but Karou feels that his soul is gentler despite his humorless personality. She describes his soul as being "as plain as tilled earth and as steady as a carthorse." (400)


Before the war, Amzallag had a family. He loves his family enough to trust Karou over Thiago, and he sides with her when she announces that his family's souls can be saved.


Days of Blood & StarlightEdit

Amzallag is one of the soldiers under Thiago's control. When he is resurrected, Karou gives him a tiger head with stag forelegs. Amzallag is one of the first to go to Karou after she and Issa reveal that the souls of his family have been protected in a cathedral with many other souls. Brimstone and The Warlord had apparently planned ahead and made the cathedral into a giant thurible by sealing off the vent shafts and collapsing its stairs. Because he sided with Karou, Amzallag is among the soldiers that Thiago kills and throws into the Pit.



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