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Bain is an American hunter, and one of Brimstone's customers.


Bain's is unattractive, his face compared to a slab of meat with "soulless" eyes and tobacco-stained teeth. His defining feature is a large, filthy beard in which he stores the wishes he earns from Brimstone. Bain is slightly overweight, with an abundance of fat around his gut.


Bain is vicious and greedy, making his living off killing predators in North America and selling their teeth to Brimstone. Although he is one of the few traders who actually comes into Brimstone's shop, he is not very brave otherwise, relying mainly on guns and threats to get his way. Unusually, Bain has not made the trade for a bruxis by pulling out all his teeth, explaining that he likes meat.


Karou recalls that Bain had been selling teeth to Brimstone for as long as she had been alive. He lives in a remote location outside of Boise, Idaho in America.


Daughter of Smoke & Bone[]

Bain first appears when he is in Brimstone's shop receiving gavriels for a tooth haul.

After the doors to Elsewhere are destroyed, Karou tracks down Bain to his home, overpowering him and taking his wishes, including the two gavriels. Instead of killing him, she wishes him to sleep.

Later, Bain's warning that Karou is going to live like prey makes her realize that she is being hunted, namely by Akiva.



Bain is Brimstone's longtime trading partner.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "You think you can just do this? You piss off a hunter, you're gonna live like prey, little girl, always wondering who's tracking you."