Bashees is one the two sphinx-type chimaera that make up the notorious and widely feared pair known as "The Shadows that Live". Her partner is Tangris.








Days of Blood & Starlight

Banshees and her partner Tangris make up the duo known as "The Shadows that Live", feared assassins that move silently and swiftly. They are for the most part silent and do not interact with their peers, but, like the other chimaera, they seem to take a liking to Zuzana Nováková and Mikolas Vavra while they are at the kasbah. When Karou finally takes a stand against Thiago, Tangris and Banshees take her side. Later, Thiago kills them at the Pit.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Tangris and Banshees are most likely brought back in this book. When Jael comes back from Earth, he thought his army had won and was expecting a female seraph in his room. A fake soldier tells him she is already there. When Jael calls her to his bed, however, it turned out to be Liraz who was waiting to capture him. Two shadowy forms materialised from above her, these being Tangris and Banshees. The twin chimaeras helped her take him in as prisoners.



Bashees is her partner.

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