Bast is a feline chimaera soldier.


Bast's original body had the head and large ears of a cat and the high breasts and slender frame of a human woman. The body that Karou resurrects her into is much less slender and humanoid, and much more muscular and bestial. While her arms and upper torso are still human, her hands have been replaced with paws. Her human legs were also swapped out for the haunches of a leopard.


Bast's soul is sensed by Karou to be "delicate" and "ill-suited to a soldier".[1] She was also courteous enough to thank Karou for her new body - something no other chimaera in the rebel army had ever done for the new resurrectionist. However, it is difficult to gauge just how sincere she truly was, since she seemed reluctant to defect from Thiago's side.




Days of Blood & StarlightEdit

Bast is kinder to Karou than most of the other soldiers, but she is too afraid of Thiago to leave his command. When Razor attacks Karou, she does nothing to stop him, but she does warn the girl when Thiago takes Amzallag, Tangris, and Bashees to the Pit. It is unknown whether Bast was there to warn her under Thiago's orders or if it was actually out of kindness.



Memorable QuotesEdit

Days of Blood & StarlightEdit

  • "It's well done [...] Thank you." - Chapter 46, pg. 236




  • Bast is named after the Ancient Egyptian goddess of cats, who is also known as Bastet.[2]