• Gcheung28

    Last night, we got to attend one of Laini Taylor's book signings during her tour and she was kind enough to give us a few minutes for an interview! We tried to ask as many of your questions as we could, but time went by very quickly! For all the fans out there, Laini is seeing what you're doing! Whether it's Daughter of Smoke & Bone fanart, Razgutsby, or Lady Thiagaga, Laini is seeing it and enjoying it, so keep it up!

    Along with answering a few of our questions, she was sweet enough to do some signing, so stay tuned for future giveaways! Keep reading to see what Laini had to say about her hair, the writing process for DOSAB, and an update on the movie! Pictures from our interview and her visit to the bookstore are at the bottom!

    Q: So, on the…

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  • Asnow89

    Hey there Smoke & Bone fans!

    Laini just started her book tour for the release of her latest book, Dreams of Gods & Monsters. We seriously can't stop jumping up and down now that the final book is released- but, in even more exciting news, we get to meet Laini Taylor herself!

    Check out her book tour schedule here to see if she is coming to YOUR town.

    We get a little time with Laini before she speaks on April 14, so what would YOU want to ask Laini? In the comments below, add a question relating to her life as an author, Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Dreams of Gods & Monsters, or anything that your heart desires! We will try to ask Laini as many of your questions as we can.

    Ask away!

    • Please keep your questions spoiler-free for those who haven't had a ch…

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  • Gcheung28

    Eeeeep!! Dreams of Gods & Monsters is out April 8th, which is so SOON! If you can barely wait, calm your nerves and read this EXCLUSIVE excerpt that Entertainment Weekly got their hands on! The first few words are "Nerve thrum and screaming blood, wild and churning and chasing..." Exciting right?

    What are you waiting for? Read the excerpt now!

    Source: EW

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  • Gcheung28

    A while back, Laini Taylor announced that she would reveal the title of the third and final book in the Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy soon, and it has finally happened! Check it out:

    Dreams of Gods & Monsters sounds pretty cool, right? As for what we can expect in this final book, Taylor says, "Dreams of Gods & Monsters picks up where Days of Blood & Starlight leaves off, and you can expect to see: seraphim in the human world (which will never be the same again), scientific excavation of “the pit”, enemy armies trying to fight side by side, the possibility of love rekindling, and … new threats that make Jael seem but a minor nuisance. At the barriers of space and time, what do gods and monsters dream of?"

    Exciting!! We're also assuming that…

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  • Gcheung28

    We are another step closer to the Daughter of Smoke & Bone movie! It was recently announced that Stuart Beattie has been chosen to write the adaptation of Laini Taylor's novel for the big screen!

    Beattie has written for big movies like Collateral, 30 Days of Night, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and Pirates of the Caribbean so we are excited to see how his vision of Taylor's book turns out, especially with Joe Roth as producer! According to Hollywood Reporter, Laini Taylor is just as excited!

    “It’s been fantastic to delve into the world of the book with a screenwriter of such insight and experience,” said Taylor in a statement. “Between Stuart, Joe Roth and Universal Pictures, we’ve got a team with massive epic flair, and I can’t wait to see what unf…

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  • Azuegirly

    Article in Jouralism

    March 7, 2013 by Azuegirly

    Hey guys and girlys. I recently wrote an article on the up and coming Daughter of Smoke and Bone movie for my school news paper. Totally happy with it and my fingers are crossed it makes it into the newspaper.You have to spread the word on an awesome up and coming movie like this one. :)

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  • Gcheung28

    Daughter of Smoke & Bone recently got a director, which means that the studios are going to have to start the casting search soon! Have you ever wondered what a dream cast for the movie would look like if you were the casting director?

    Here's your chance! Check out the following top 10 lists we have so far and vote for whoever you think would be the best actor/actress to play Akiva and Karou!

    Don't forget that you only get one vote per character, but feel free to add your own candidates! Voting will (technically) end when the official cast is determined, but who knows when that will be.

    Akiva - Vote here!
    Karou - Vote here!

    Comment below to suggest an actress or actor that you think should be on the list!

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  • Gcheung28

    Exciting news! Universal Studios has picked Joe Roth to produce the film adaptation of Daughter of Smoke & Bone! Roth was the producer for Universal's Snow White And The Huntsman so it will be interesting to see how his vision of Daughter of Smoke & Bone will turn out.

    It seems like Laini Taylor is pretty excited by the news because she says, “I am a huge fan of his big, gorgeous fantasy epics with powerful female characters. I can’t wait to see how he’ll bring my world to life on film. He’s the dream producer for this property, and I couldn’t be happier.”

    Do you think Roth will do our favorite book justice?

    • Deadline
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  • Memed jamed

    Memed Jamed

    November 23, 2012 by Memed jamed

    IBU...rambutmu kini sudah mulai memutihKulitmu tak lagi kencangPenglihatanmu tak lagi terangJalanmu kini sudah mulai goyang? Namun..apa yang terlihatSemua itu tak pernah engkau rasakanSemua itu tak pernah engkau pedulikanAku paham, semua itu demi anakmu? Sepanjang jalan engkau mengais rejekiSepanjang waktu engkau berhitungBerapa laba kau dapat hari iniTuk membayar semua letihmu? Engkau tak lagi dapat membedakanMana siang, mana malamSemangat mengalahkan gemetar kakimuDan segala rasa lelahmu? Ini semua...untuk siapa?Hanya untuk anakmuAnak yang engkau impikan menjadi orang hebatMencapai setumpuk asa? IBU...sampai kapanpun,Anakmu tak kan pernah lupaAtas semua jasa, do'a dan deritaKeringat yang engkau cucurkan? IBU...engkau sudah terlalu besar,…

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  • Loutre

    Wiki To-Do List

    November 14, 2012 by Loutre

    Hi! If you're new here and reading this, welcome to the Daughter of Smoke & Bone Wiki! If you're not quite new and are looking for something to do, you might find some ideas here.

    In any case, there's a LOT of work that needs to be done and this post is meant to serve as a "to-do" list for this wiki. It will be edited as time goes along. Feel free to discuss anything here in the comments.

    • Nearly EVERY page needs more content! Even the longer pages aren't close to "finished" yet.
    • Pages still need to be created for:
      • Any characters from Daughter of Smoke & Bone that might have possibly been missed.
      • New characters from Days of Blood & Starlight, see complete list here.
      • Locations from both books, see the Eretz page for a list of places in Eretz.
      • Terminol…

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  • Porterfield

    The long awaited sequel to Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Days of Blood & Starlight, came out today. Take a moment to hoot and holler. In fact, get up from wherever your sitting and do your signature little happy dance. I'll wait...

    Okay, now that we've taken care of that, let's check out some of the earliest reviews we can get our hands on, other than what the commoners have been writing over on Goodreads.

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  • Xean

    It's Time To Play

    October 30, 2012 by Xean

    Wikia is rolling out a fun new initiative for the holiday season called “Time to Play” where we ask our wikis what page they’re most proud of. We want to know which page you would want to have represent .

    There will be an official blog going out on Nov. 1 but we wanted to reach out to you early and see if you were interested in participating now.

    If you wanted to participate, a “Time to Play” badge would go up on the right rail of the mainpage that links users to the page that you choose, while the footer will live on that same page that links to hub pages eg. for Time to Play goodies. You can see how the badge looks by clicking here and how the footer will appear by clicking here.

    We will feature on http:/…

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  • Kate.moon

    Daughter of Smoke & Bone is being made into a movie! EW announced today that Laini Taylor's popular trilogy was acquired by Universal Studios for a movie deal.

    The second book is supposed to come out in September 2012. Are you excited for the movie adaptation of the sci-fi thriller? Will Daughter of Smoke & Bone be the next Twilight or The Hunger Games?

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  • XD1

    A Whole New World

    September 28, 2011 by XD1

    After the successes of the Dreamdark series (Blackbringer and Sliksinger) and Lips Touch: Three Times I'm excited to see what wonders this new trilogy will bring! Author Laini Taylor certainly has gone out of her way to tease us with tantalizing tidbits from Daughter of Smoke & Bone here & there, but after reading it, one can only imagine where this journey will take us. The beautifully crafted, personality rich characters she brings us blend together so well, how long will it be before we get a film based on her work?

    Laini's official blog

    • October 24 at 7:30 PM
      Mysterious Galaxy – Redondo Beach, CA
    • October 25 at 7:00 PM
      Book Soup – West Hollywood, CA
    • October 26 at 7:00 PM
      Barnes & Noble - Huntington Beach, CA
    • October 27 at 7:00 PM

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