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The chimaera of Eretz are actually composed of many different races, each with its own distinctive appearance and culture. While they have traditionally lived in separation, the war against the seraphim has blurred racial boundaries and united them. The following races have appeared in or have been mentioned in the Daughter of Smoke & Bone novels. a


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The Akko are a tribe of chimaera known for their large size.

Known Members[]


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The Caprine are sheep aspect chimaera.

Known Members[]


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The Dama are the smallest tribe of centaurids, chimaera that resemble the centaurs from ancient Greek mythology. From the torso up they are humanoid, but their lower bodies are of deer aspect. They are renowned for their speed and are considered to be the fastest of all the chimaera.

Known Members[]


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The Dashnag have the fangs and heads of tigers, as well as human torsos.

Known Members[]


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The Dracands are lizard-like chimaera with ruffed necks.

Known Members[]

  • Wiwul
  • Agwilal


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The Griffons are chimaera named after the mythological creature[1] known for having a lion's body and an eagle's head and wings.

Known Members[]


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The Hartkind are of deer aspect.

Known Members[]


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The Heth are insect-like, with compound eyes and ant mandibles.

Known Members[]


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The Kirin are a tribe who make their home in the Kirin Caves of the Adelphas Mountains. They are of human, bat, and gazelle aspect. Their superior agility and top-notch archery skills are renowned. They were mostly wiped out by the seraphim during the war.

Known Members[]


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The Naja are of human and snake aspect.

Known Members[]


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The Sab originate from the desert. As such, their appearances are derived from animals associated with deserts: jackals, caracals, and bats.

Known Members[]


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The Vispeng are large horse-dragon hybrids with long, sinuous bodies.

Known Members[]