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Chiro is a jackal-headed chimaera, and Madrigal's foster sister. She is of the Sab tribe. Though she and Madrigal are not related by blood, they share a familial bond from the years spent growing up with each other.


Chiro is a chimaera of creature aspect. Her head is that of a jackal, and she possesses the haunches of a caracal. Like Madrigal, she has bat wings.


Chiro is initially presented as sister figure to Madrigal. However, she harbors a deep envy of her human-aspect sister, and is infatuated with Thiago. Brimstone describes her soul as "a soft mollusk thing, wet and shrinking".[1]


Chiro's family took in the orphaned Madrigal when she was a child.

During the siege at Kalamet, she was killed by an arrow shot to her heart. Madrigal was able to safely gather her soul into a thurible and take it to Brimstone. Chiro was resurrected as a revenant shortly afterwards, with a diamond-hard body courtesy of her foster sister.


Daughter of Smoke & Bone[]

Chiro is first seen nudging Madrigal out of her hiding spot so she can prepare for the ball. In multiple flashbacks, it is obvious that she is jealous of Madrigal for her beauty and purity. She ends up betraying her sister by telling Thiago about the latter's affair with a Seraph, Akiva, because she loved him and because he promised her a new body with human aspect.

At Madrigal's evanescence, Brimstone selects Chiro to do the blessing. Because her soul is weak, Madrigal easily enters her body to save her own soul after the execution. It is unknown what happened to her afterwards, but Brimstone promised Madrigal to make a body of moray eel teeth if Chiro ever needs a new body.


Chiro is in love with Thiago. She betrays Madrigal and tells Thiago about Madrigal’s relationship with Akiva in exchange for a body with a high human aspect.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "You could die. Resurrect ugly. He'd leave you alone then."
  • "Would you want to be me?" Hurt and confused, Madrigal said, "I don't understand." "No, you wouldn't," said Chiro. "You're beautiful."




  • Chiro's name may have been derived from Chiroptera, the taxonomical order that bats belong to.[2]


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