Chimaera and seraphim each have two distinct myths of how their species came into being. Madrigal and Akiva tell these stories to each other during their night in the Temple of Ellai.

Chimaera Edit

Chimaera believe that there were once three beings: the sun and the two sister moons, Nitid and Ellai. Nitid was the brighter sister, while Ellai was more mysterious, always hiding behind her sister. The sun and Nitid were promised to each other, but he desired Ellai, and thought that he should have what he wanted. While she was bathing, he tried to rape her, but she stabbed him, causing his blood to rain down in sparks to the earth. These were the first seraphim, who, like their father, believe that they should be able to take what they desire.

Meanwhile, Ellai told Nitid about the sun's unfaithfulness, and her sister wept tears that too fell to the earth and became chimaera, the children of sorrow and regret. SInce neither sister would have the sun, he was doomed to chase them across the sky, so that he is always wanting, but can never have.

Notes Edit

  • Madrigal comments that chimaera did not give themselves as much adulation in their myth as seraphim in their own, perhaps reflecting each species' prejudices and self-beliefs.

Seraphim Edit

Seraphim believe that once there was nothing but a world inhabited by vast creatures of darkness. An army of bright warriors came to do battle with them, and bringing light into the world in a fierce battle. At last, only a hundred remained, who were called the godstars, and they created seraphim in their image.

Zanzumim, the very last of the creatures, persuaded the godstars to give him shadows to work with, saying that they would make the light seem brighter in contrast. He breathed life into the shadows, and they became chimaera, hideous as their forefather.

Notes Edit

  • It is revealed that the seraphic myth is partially true in that there were worlds filled with vast creatures of darkness. These worlds were discovered by the Faerers, who released the creatures into the other worlds they had also discovered, presumably leading to the chimaera's existence in Eretz. The lack of godstars, however, is filled by Eliza, who declares those that heard this revelation to be the first godstars.