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Eretz, also referred to as "Elsewhere" (Eretz means lands in Hebrew), is one of the known universes in the Continuum. It is the world that chimaera originate from and reside in. It is also parallel to Earth and portals connect the two worlds. Unlike Earth, Eretz has two moons, named Nitid and Ellai by the chimaera. Eretz has two known continents, one in the north and one in the south. 


... It had only been the residence of the Chimaera, until the Seraphim had to flee from their home world Meliz. The Chimaera species had been scattered into various tribes residing in small villages. It was with the coming of the seraphim that large cities were built.

Notable Locations

A map of Eretz from Days of Blood & Starlight

The Seraph Empire

The Seraph Empire covers the northern continent of Eretz. It is naturally divided from the southern continent by the Adelphas Mountains.


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Bay of Beasts

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Halcyon Sea

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The Southern Continent

The southern continent is home to the chimaera. It is naturally divided from the northern continent by the Adelphas Mountains.

Adelphas Mountains

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Aranzu Plains

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Arch Carnival

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Brimstone's Shop

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Cape Armasin

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Erling River

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Kir River

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Marazel Hills

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Sab Desert

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Spirit Veil

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The Coast Range

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The Hintermost

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The Secret Coast

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The Far Isles

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These islands, as their name suggests, are located all the way on the opposite side of Eretz.


  • Eretz is a Hebrew word meaning "land", or "earth".[1]


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