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Esther Van de Vloet is a human associate of Brimstone. She has retired from diamond dealing and currently lives with two huge mastiffs in Antwerp, Belgium. She is also Karous “Fake grandmother” meaning that she helps Karou whenever she is in the need of an adult.


Esther is noted to be less vile[2] than most of Brimstone's associates.


Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Karou contacts Esther three months after the burning of the portal to Brimstone's shop in Prague. She provides Karou with information confirming that all of the portals in the world have been burned.

Dreams of Gods & Monsters

Karou contacts Esther yet again, this time seeking help. Esther books a hotel room for all of them (Karou, Akiva, Mik, Zuzana and Eliza). She gives Karou and Akiva a map over the Vatican, and tells them where they can find Jael. However once Karou and Akiva leaves she makes a phone call. All along she has spoken to Jael, telling him that she would provide him with weapons, whilst making sure no one else could contact the angels. Once she has made the phone call, she kicks Zuzana, Eliza and Mik out of the hotel. She lets Mik back in, believing that he would grab his violin, but instead he stole her wishes, which she had hidden under her bathroom sink.




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