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Haxaya is a chimaera soldier who was once friends with Madrigal.


Haxaya was a chimaera of fox aspect before her soul was resurrected into Ten's body.


Haxaya has a dark sense of humor, to the point where it can be difficult to tell if she is joking or not. Her soul is described as being like "the touch of sunset and laughter, with a bite like the sting of needles.[1]"


Sometime in the past, Haxaya met fellow soldier Madrigal and befriended her. Her soul was eventually placed in a thurible, where she spent quite some time in stasis. It is revealed that Haxaya had also fought Liraz in a battle at Savvath, where Liraz killed the chimera in some awful way.


Days of Blood & Starlight[]

When Zuzana Nováková first arrives at Karou's workshop, she randomly selects a thurible and excitedly presents it to her friend, hoping to try out a resurrection. This thurible later turns out to contain Haxaya's soul. Haxaya becomes of one the five soldiers to be resurrected while Karou has the help of Zuzana and Issa.

After Ten is killed by Issa's snakes, Haxaya's soul is placed inside the she-wolf's body by Karou. Haxaya learns about the whole situation from Karou, and is instructed to act as Ten.



Haxaya is Madrigal's old friend. Though Madrigal is now Karou, their friendship still seems to be intact.

Memorable Quotes[]

Days of Blood & Starlight[]

  • "I've always wanted to be terrible." - Chapter 80, pg. 489

Dreams of Gods & Monsters[]

  • "How easily comes the blood. I think it wants to be free. Even your own blood despises you." - Chapter 62, pg. 453






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