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Loramendi was a large port city in Eretz, and the capital of the chimaera. It was populated by millions of chimaera before it was destroyed by the seraphim during the last days of the thousand year war. Once, the War Lord of the Chimaera lived in the walls of Loramendi's largest building. A cathedral like structure which was once draped in silk and firelight from candles and inhabited by the most powerful Chimaera. As the Seraph attacked Loramendi, Brimstone gleaned many of the citizens that lived in the capital. There is yet to be an operation to remove all the souls and resurrect them all as it is currently winter in Eretz meaning there is not enough food for all the Chimaera waiting.


  • The destruction of Loramendi, as well as the city itself, were inspired by the history of Carthage.[1]