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Magic in the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series has some unique properties.


Magic usually requires a pain tithe in order to be used. However, Scarab reveals in Dreams of Gods and Monsters that a pain tithe, though the easiest way to do magic, is also the most crude.

Examples of Magic


Hamsas are the marks of a revenant, and give them the ability to direct harmful magic at the seraphim because the pain tithe has already been paid with the chimaera's previous death.

(See full article: Hamsas)


Wishes are created through the pain tithe, the amount of pain directly corresponding to the power of the wish.

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The glamour is produced by using pain as a lens through which one's will is directed to produce a kind of invisibility.

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Resurrection itself does not require a pain tithe, but making new bodies does. The resurrectionist uses his or her own pain to turn the necklaces of teeth into bodies, into which the revenant's soul is guided.

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