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Minya is one of 5 GodSpawn children that survived the massacre of their kind.

Appearance []

Minya is half-god which means that she has blue skin. She also has short black hair and black beetle-shell eyes. She possesses the body of a six-year-old but is actually twenty-one. She hasn't changed since the Carnage, but after the events of Muse of Nightmares, she begins to grow once more.

Personality []

Minya’s primary focus is on taking revenge and her every move is dominated by this desire no matter the cost. Even at a young age, Minya’s only concern about the other godspawn’s powers is related to how they can be used against humans. She doesn’t mind hurting others if it gets the job done eg. messing with Sarai’s lull, guilting her unto fighting and isolating her.

Like her body that refuses to grow up, Minya is also overly focused on the past. Her past experience has molded her entire perspective on humans and she refuses to believe that things can be changes. She is among the most realistic of them and knows what needs to be done to protect themselves.

Underneath all her control issues and hatred, Minya blames herself for the death of thirty godspawns and holds herself responsible for not saving more of them. This guilt is buried deep and she uses it as fuel to fire up her hatred. Minya can be creative while coming up with ways to fight and protect themselves. She has multiple plans that could work and she sees the bigger picture better than any of the others.

Background []

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Relationships []

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