Daughter of Smoke & Bone Wiki

Poison Kitchen is a restaurant in Prague owned by Imrich. It was previously hard to find until it was mentioned in the latest edition of the Lonely Planet guide. It is one of Karou's and Zuzana's favorite places to hang out in.


Poison Kitchen got its name in the Middle Ages, when the cook lost his mind and killed the whole priory with poisoned goulash.


The restaurant is filled with real skulls and life-sized Roman statues wearing the owner's collection of WW1 gas masks while coffins are used as tables, all of which are supposedly authentic. One of the statues, a statue of Marcus Aurelius on horseback, both wearing gas masks, is the preferred table of Karou and Zuzana, who nicknamed it "Pestilence". Karou and Zuzana also painted the murals in the bathrooms. 


Karou and Zuzana had already been going to the restaurant for two and a half years, since they were first years at the Lyceum.