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Rath is a young chimaera of the Dashnag tribe. He is an escaped slave who travels with Sveva and Sarazal in hopes of meeting the seraph-killing revenants.


Rath has a tiger head, and an undetermined lower body. It is assumed he has human for his torso.


Being a Dashnag Rath is brutal by nature, he wants to grow up and become a soldier to protect the Chimeara and kill the angels. He is also seen to be quite caring and protective as he carries Sarazal and tells Sveva to run instead of fight and die.


Rath was taken from his family as a child, and there are no speak of them.


Days of Blood & Starlight[]

Rath is captured to work as a slave for the angels, when the captured rebel against the slavers Rath manages to run away and tries to join the Rebels, he cannot find them and instead helps Sveva and Sarazal. When the angels finally catch up with them, he and Sveva fight them off until the rebels come, he tells Sveva to leave as this is his chance to join the rebels, she runs and he stays to fight with the rebels. And die with them.



Sveva and her sister were captured to be made as slaves alongside Rath, he being a Dashnag and they being Dama Sveva fears him. When they rebel against their captors and flee Sveva attempts to hide with her sister as Rath attempts to join the Rebels, however he is unable to find them and he goes and warns Sveva of Angels lurking nearby her camp. Sveva's sister is terribly ill and cannot walk so Rath carries her and they set off together. He finally leaves them when the rebels come and fights alongside the rebels and dies with them.


When Sarazal gives up and wishes to die, Rath carries her and they escape the angels. Sarazal, Sveva and Rath escape together and when Sarazal gains her health and wakes in the arms of Rath she screams alerting nearby angels. They angels who happen to be Hazeal and Akiva let them go.

Memorable Quotes[]

“I told you before, I was looking for the rebels.” He was happy; she saw that this was what he had wanted all along. “I’m going to join them,” he said.