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Ruby is one of 5 GodSpawn children that servied the massacre of thier kind.

Appearance []

Ruby has hair that can’t be tamed by braids, even though Sparrow has tried many times to do so.

Personality []

Ruby wants to live in the moment. She is bored by the monotonous routine of the citadel and looks forward to new experiences. Such as good food or kissing a boy. She is so keen on testing her sexuality, that she even goes about kissing ghosts. She also starts an affair with Feral just to enjoy what little time she has left before the humans kill her.

Often described as passionate and impulsive. While Ruby does whatever she pleases, she is not very perceptive of how others feel. Its evident from her inability to realize that Sparrow has feeling for Feral which apparently everyone else does.

Ruby knows that one days humans will come for them and she bluntly admits and accepts this as a fact.

Background []

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Relationships []


Due to the fact that the GodSpawn only think they have days left to live, Ruby decides to live in the moment. She doses this by starting a sexual relationship because she wants to experience everything before she dies.