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Sarai is one of 5 GodSpawn children that survived the massacre of their kind on her father’s orders.

Appearance Edit

Cinnamon hair - eyebrows and eyelashes bright against skin

Sharp chin

Full cheeks

Blue Eyes

Personality Edit

Despite living in an environment where she has been taught to hate humans, Sarai does not feel the need to hurt them and defies Minya even if it means seclusion and disownment. Minya also fails to manipulate Sarai’s emotions by appealing to her guilt because Sarai is quite fixated on her personal beliefs and would never do anything she isn’t comfortable in doing.

Quite idealistic, Sarai has impossible dreams and feels limited by being trapped inside the citadel. She lives her life through others dreams and used unique ways to torture them.

Unlike Minya, Sarai is not practical about the hatred that she receives from them and hopes that someone will love her despite her being a godspawn.

Background Edit

to be added

Relationships Edit

Lazlo Strange Edit

One night during Sarai's nightly outing, she stumbles into the dream of Lazlo and is quickly mesmerized by his thoughts. She decided not to scare him like how she would with the other villagers but decides to walk around in the world that he created in his dream. When she enters his dream, it turns out that Lazlo is able to see Sarai, even though no one else can. Lazlo, not knowing what or who she was, thought she was pretty despite the blue skin. Later on, Sarai goes into his dream again and she and Lazlo talk. After meeting each other a few times in Lazlo's dreams, they both fell in love.

However, Sarai can't reveal what she is because she's scared of how he'll act. Towards the end of the Strange the Dreamer, Eril-Fane and his wife go to the citadel where they're horrified to find Sarai and the other godspawn to be alive.

Then the accident happens, causing the citadel to tilt. Sarai falls and is impaled by a pole. This greatly devastates Lazlo and triggers his inner godspawn abilities and goes to balance the citadel. And when he gets there, Minya offers that she'll keep Sarai's ghost around if he terrorizes the village the way the gods used to. Despite Sarai's protests, Lazlo agrees to Minya's deal.

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