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Sparrow is one of 5 godspawn (children of gods) that survived the massacre of their kind. She now resides in the seemingly abandoned citadel with the four other godspawn and a dozen ghosts.

Appearance Edit

Like the rest of the godspawn, Sparrow has cool blue skin. She also has brown hair that she wears in braids. She also has brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Sparrow is the kind nurturing girl who uses her powers to take care of others. She often gives them special gifts and tries to be as forgiving and understanding as she can.

She is aside from Minya, the only godspawn who doesn’t seem to mind the routine of the citadel.

Background Edit

Sparrow was a baby when she survived the genocide, and has been living in the citadel for the last 15 years.

Relationships Edit

Feral Edit

Sparrow has romantic feelings for Feral.

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