Svetla is a resident of Prague, a street actor with whom Kaz cheated on Karou.


Svetla is described as "one of those beautiful girls with a knack for making herself ugly." She has harsh yet attractive facial features, and is tall and thin like a model. Due to a vindictive wish by Karou, Svetla has unnaturally bushy eyebrows. To hide them, she has a low fringe that is hardened and secured with hairspray.


Svetla is icy and aloof, treating Karou with disdain and an air of superiority, taking any chance she gets to mock the other girl. However, she is sensitive about her appearance, hence the measures taken to hide her eyebrows and her shocked reaction at Karou's knowledge of their condition. Svetla seems more threatened by this incident than when Karou threatens to stab her, perhaps indicating that she is more concerned about how she appears to others than actual threats to her life. Her fling with Kaz while he was dating Karou suggests that she is shallow and vindictive.


Svetla's affair with Kaz took place shortly before the story begins, and is the cause of Karou's breakup with Kaz.


Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Svetla is briefly mentioned as one of the girls whom Kaz had told about having sex with Karou. Later, Karou meets her while hiding from her hunter - the seraph Akiva - in one of the alleyways around tour hour. Svetla tries to get Karou away by mocking her, but subsides when Karou promises to fix her abnormally bushy eyebrows (courtesy of a wish from Karou). Svetla also witnesses the subsequent air battle between Karou and Akiva.


Kazimir Andrasko

Svetla had previous relations with Kaz during the time he was dating Karou


Svetla and Karou were briefly rivals for Kaz's affections before Karou realized she was being cheated on. While Svetla continues to try and assert her dominance, Karou takes no personal interest except to reflect on how Svetla makes herself ugly.

Memorable Quotes

  • Svetla - the one she later caught him with - even made a straight-faced comment about capes coming back into fashion.
  • "Oh, right. I'm so sure you're going to stab me - "





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