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Thyon Nero is the godson to the Queen of Zosma.

Appearance []

According to Strange the Dreamer, Nero is of average height, with golden hair, and, later in the book, golden skin.

Personality []

In the first book, Nero is seen as a snob, believing himself to be above others in every way. However, in Muse of Nightmares, he is kinder and even says please and thank you to Calixte.

Background []

Nero has a hard life with his father convinced that Nero could turn lead in to gold and beating Nero ever time he doesn't.

He's in love with Ruza I don't make the rules []

In ‘Muse of Nightmares’ it is told that he had feelings for Lazlo, but later he let go of him and falls hard for Ruza.