Daughter of Smoke & Bone Wiki

Hi! If you're new here and reading this, welcome to the Daughter of Smoke & Bone Wiki! If you're not quite new and are looking for something to do, you might find some ideas here.

In any case, there's a LOT of work that needs to be done and this post is meant to serve as a "to-do" list for this wiki. It will be edited as time goes along. Feel free to discuss anything here in the comments.

The List

  • Nearly EVERY page needs more content! Even the longer pages aren't close to "finished" yet.
  • Pages still need to be created for:
    • Any characters from Daughter of Smoke & Bone that might have possibly been missed.
    • New characters from Days of Blood & Starlight, see complete list here.
    • Locations from both books, see the Eretz page for a list of places in Eretz.
    • Terminology from both books.
    • The movie and all related details, eventually (when more is actually revealed).
  • Navigation templates would be very much appreciated, if you know how to make them.
  • Organize and categorize templates.
  • Organize and categorize images and do something about licensing.